Camel Inflatable Lifting Cushion

Inflatable Emergency lifting cushion to aid in the safe lifting of a fallen person from the floor.

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The Camel (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) by Mangar, is a lightweight, portable, lifting cushion, designed to sit up and lift a fallen individual from the floor, while helping to reduce moving and handling risks to both the fallen person and carer.

With its inbuilt backrest and internal ring air chambers, the camel is capable of providing a fully supportive, dignified lift, which can be performed independently by the faller. The Camel is a suitable lifting aid for a person of any age or size, with a weight limit of 320kg, making it ideal for use with very large or bariatric individuals.

Operated by an easy to use hand control and battery powered air compressor, the camel can be inflated chamber by chamber in less than 3 minutes, dependant on the size of the individual. When fully inflated, the Camel lifts the individual up into a raise seated position, ready to stand or transfer to a chair with or without assistance. The camel can then be deflated again in less than a minute.

The Camel is constructed from a coated nylon, which repels sweat and bodily fluids, with ultrasonically welded seams, so there is no stitching or gaps where germs can collect, making it easy to clean after use. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors in situations where other lifting devices are not suitable.

Each camel lifting cushion comes complete with Mangar’s 24V Airflo compressor, rechargeable battery with charging unit, simple hand control and a compact storage/carry bag.