KED Extrication Device

Extrication and spine immobilisation of trapped casualties.

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Extrication Devices are designed for the spinal immobilisation of casualties who need to be moved from trapped or difficult situations such as vehicles accidents, collapsed buildings and disaster scenes.

Commonly Known as the K.E.D. it is mainly carried on ambulances and applied by an emergency medical technician, paramedic, or another first responder. Typically used in conjunction with a cervical collar, this semi-rigid brace is easy to apply while maintaining a rigid vertical structure and secures the head, neck and torso in an anatomically neutral position. This position reduces the possibility of additional injuries to these regions during extrication.

Also ideal for the immobilisation of the hip and pelvis fractures and suitable for pregnant women or paediatric casualties. X-Ray/CT and MRI Compatible.

Features include; Colour coded straps, adjustable placement for two head straps (straps included) and a carry case.