Coronavirus update

Following the recent covid-19 announcement regarding the closure of non-essential businesses, we would like to reassure our customers that as suppliers of essential emergency equipment to the healthcare sector, we are still open for business.

While our aim is to continue to provide an uninterrupted service, we will continue to monitor the ever changing situation while taking all necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of both our staff and customers.

Evacuation and training manikins

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At Hospital Aids we are committed to ensuring that our customers are suitably trained on the correct use of our evacuation and rescue equipment. It is essential for the safe movement of individuals that staff are familiar with and know how to use the equipment properly, in accordance with their own moving and handling policies.

Along with offering training packages, we also have a range of training and educational products available, for purchase, to help organisations plan and practice emergency evacuation procedures and the correct use of evacuation equipment. Recent additions to our training aids, are a range of training manikins, for use in training situations which are too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Image title

The heavy duty, durable construction of the manikins, enable them to withstand heavy concrete slabs, steel girders or a car to be laid on them to create realistic rescue scenarios. The manikins have an anatomically correct weight and feel which helps to simulate the body of a real casualty. Available in 8 sizes and weights, from the 5kg Baby to the 90kg adult – shorter versions are also available on request.

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