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Following the recent covid-19 announcement regarding the closure of non-essential businesses, we would like to reassure our customers that as suppliers of essential emergency equipment to the healthcare sector, we are still open for business.

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Five key strategies/ attributes to successful export.

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Following wide-ranging discussions with three of the region’s exporters, including our own International Sales Director Steve Clark, EMB Group have identified five strategies that they believe have helped these exporters on their journey to export success.

These five key strategies/attributes for successful export are:

  1. Willingness to listen - When starting to trade outside of your home market, listening to your new potential customers is hugely important. What do they want? Is it different from what you think they want?
  2. Innovative approach - Innovation is a thread which runs through the centre of a good export business. It can and does include such areas as your online presence your social media strategy and how you plan to tackle the challenges that operating in different languages and cultures brings.
  3. oppertunistic outlook - Actively looking for and exploiting the opportunities that come your way is a must for the successful exporter. Passively waiting for business to come your way is not an option in a competitive world.
  4. Preseverance - The successful exporter needs this in spades - good business doesn’t happen overnight.
  5. Belief - There will be knocks and set-backs, but knowing that you have a good product that you believe in will give you the courage and tenacity to continue.

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