Hospital Aids, are manufacturers of evacuation equipment designed to assist in the safe removal of non-ambulant persons, in the event of fire or major emergency.

While most of Hospital Aids product range can been adapted for the varying needs of individuals, they have seen a huge increase in the need for equipment which caters for obese/bariatric individuals.

In October 2007 the Government Office of Science and the Department of Health released a foresight report suggesting that 50 per cent of the UK population could be obese by 2050 at an annual cost to the nation of nearly £50 billion pounds. However, a recent report, conducted by the National Obesity Forum in January 2014, has warned that the UK is in danger of surpassing the 2007 predictions, following analysis of official figures.

These increasing levels of obesity, are having a direct impact on those associated with the Emergency Services.

Hospital Aids is one company who has been working alongside emergency services for a number of years to develop equipment to meet their bariatric emergency extraction needs. One piece of equipment to come out of this close working relationship was the Bariatric EvacMat which has been on the market now for a few years.

Their most recent innovation, the Bariatric EMS EvacMat, which is set to be launched at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC, Birmingham on the 25-26 September, is designed with the sole purpose of assisting emergency services personnel in the safe evacuation of bariatric individuals from any location in the event of an emergency and has been safety tested to 350kg (55 Stones).

The Bariatric EMS EvacMat is an ideal choice where evacuation of a large individual is concerned, as it provides a solution to body mass stabilisation, whilst enabling crews to slide them to safety, including down staircases, without any lifting involved.

Due to its many cleverly positioned ladder handles and new coloured positioning handles (for instant easy access), the personnel involved can adopt good working posture, reducing the risk of injury to themselves, whilst anchor points give the option for the use of lines and strops to be used, enabling extra control where needed and its bright colour coded straps make it quick and easy to secure the individual in place.

This new EMS Mat also has some new features, not included with the standard model, such as an inner sleeve which allows for the insertion of a back board, extra strops which can be used to add additional moving handles and an additional sacrificial sliding board, which is fully replaceable, is attached to the existing board.

Hospital Aids and their new Bariatric EMS EvacMat can be found at the Emergency services show 2014, on stand – P37. Be sure to stop by and meet their representatives on the day.


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