It is our belief that with the sale of any type of evacuation or moving and handling equipment there lies a responsibility on the part of the provider (and/or on the purchasing authority) to ensure that all users have received adequate product training.

At Hospital Aids product training is available for all of their product range and depending upon the value of the order and the location of the purchasing authority this may be provided free of charge.

However, the emphasis on practical training for the equipment is often underestimated and in some quarters, the emergence of “online training” is being hailed as an innovative step forward, replacing the need for physical training!

Hospital Aids believes that this could be a “dangerous mistake” and that simply relying on online tuition and dismissing physical training altogether could potentially pose the biggest threat for the mobility-impaired and wheelchair users.

Stephen Clark, International Sales Director of Hospital Aids said: “In an emergency evacuation the prospect of having to be responsible for another person’s safety can be extremely daunting. Although evacuation equipment is generally “user friendly”, there is always an element of having to overcome the psychological barrier of actually negotiating the descent of a flight of stairs which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Gaining the required confidence to be comfortable with transporting an individual in an evacuation device is something that cannot be learnt online and whilst utilising online training to “back up” the physical process there certainly needs to be a practical element to the training.”

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