Training in the safe moving and handling of patients/residents is essential for caregivers, so not to cause injury to themselves or the person in their care.

According to the HSE report for 2014/15 each year in the health and social care sector there are 86,000 self-reported non-fatal workplace injuries, with 27% of these involving lifting and handling. (

The most common injuries carers experience are to the lower back caused by incorrect manual handling practices. These injuries can take a long time to heal and can lead to costly staff absences.

How can these risks be managed?

Thorough ‘hands on’ moving and handling training, will teach  staff to perform necessary tasks in the safest possible manner.

Using a ‘live’ volunteer during training sessions, with inexperienced staff can pose a risk in itself. Therefore the use of a specialist manikin is the safest way for staff to learn and practice techniques without risking injury to themselves or a ‘live’ volunteer.

Our patient handling manikins have been specially designed to give the users the feel of a real patient/resident during training exercises – without the need for a human volunteer. Ideal for use during all aspects of patient handling training, from safe repositioning and hoisting to emergency evacuation product training.


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