Being caught up in a fire, explosion, bomb threat or similar, is a very rare occurrence for most of us. Often, in a real time emergency evacuation, people will do the wrong thing or simply not know what to do at all.

Emergency drills should be held to practice the fire and evacuation routine at least twice a year, and in high-risk premises more often. These drills will indicate the success or otherwise of the fire routine and emergency plan, which enable companies to make the appropriate adjustments.

We can instil the need to refrain from delaying the evacuation – by leaving personal belongings behind, not wandering floors or attempting to return for any reason, but when faced with the thought of imminent danger human behaviour can be very unpredictable – especially when panic sets in.

Once out of the building, many organisations conduct evacuation role calls (name calls) to ensure everyone is out, but these can be time consuming and mistakes can be made. Should anyone be missing, a role call does not give a clear indication of where that person might be.

This can all delay and falsify any rescue attempts by the emergency services.

But there is another way……..

TagEvac® gives staffs and Emergency Services real time information about a buildings evacuation process, eliminates the need for time consuming role calls and helps to eliminate human error.

How does it work?

Firstly, the building is divided into evacuation zones and a ‘TAG Station’, complete with removable magnetic tags, is placed outside each zone. A fire warden (or wardens) will then be appointed for these areas.

In an emergency, the zone is visually checked by the appointed person, using the sweep method of evacuation. When clear, the tag is removed from its ‘TAG Station’ to reveal a red zone checked panel. The tag is then taken to the central control board, confirming at both locations that the zone is clear.

Simply put, while you’re in the building you can tell in an instant which zones have been checked, by having a quick look at its tag station and once you’re safely outside, a quick glance at the control board means you have a reliable overview of the situation.

This information can be easily relayed to emergency services to allow them to prioritise their efforts accordingly.

TagEvac is deliberately low-tech and intuitive to help avoid ‘system failure’ in an emergency. It’s easy to install, simplifies training of Fire Warden and helps organisations achieve best practise.

That’s why it is the trusted management solution for industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Lloyds of London, Nationwide, London Underground and The National Archives.

Tagevac is available as an ‘off the shelf’ self-customisable system or we can work with you to develop a custom built system to fit your specific needs – whether it be in a single site or across multiple locations.

For more information visit Our Tagevac Web Page or to discuss requirements please contact us.


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