Following the successful launch of the EMS Bariatric EvacMat, at the Emergency Service Show in September this year we are pleased to announce that it has gone ‘Live’ on our website.

We have, so far, had a fantastic response this new bariatric evacuation device with it being the star of the show at many exhibitions.

In November we took it along to Trauma 2014 conference where it received lots of interest and has resulted in many requests for onsite demonstrations across the country.

Our International Sales Director Steve Clark then took it to the Moving and Handling Conference in New Hampshire, USA, with our US Distributor Lynne Moloney of Advanced Egress Solutions, where it also received a great deal of interest, as there is nothing quite like it in the US market at the moment.

So what is the EMS EvacMat?

EMS Bariatric EvacMat is designed with the sole purpose of assisting emergency services personnel in the safe movement, rescue or evacuation of bariatric individuals from many different situations and locations.

The EMS Bariatric EvacMat is an ideal choice where the movement of a large individual is concerned, as it provides a solution to body mass stabilisation, whilst enabling crews to slide them to safety, including down staircases, without the need for lifting and carries a working load limit of 400kg (over 62 stone).

Cleverly positioned ladder handles and positioning handles enable personnel to adopt good working postures, reducing the risk of injury to themselves, whilst anchor points give the option for the use of lines and extra strops to be used, enabling extra control where needed.

An internal pocket allows for the insertion of a back board, for greater stability and patient comfort and the addition of a fully replaceable sliding base board makes this mat hard wearing and long lasting.

As with most of our product range, onsite demonstrations and training packages are available. Visit the bariatric section of our website for more information and to view our full range of bariatric equipment.

With interest in the EMS Bariatric EvacMat ever growing we are excited about its future.


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