Bariatric EZ Glide Evacuation Chair

Reinforced evacuation chair for movement of bariatric individuals.

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The EZ Glide LBS Bariatric Evacuation Chair combines all the benefits of the popular EZ Glide evacuation chair with the addition of an extended seat and reinforced frame, enabling it to carry individuals with a greater physical mass. Great for use as an emergency evacuation chair or patient transfer chair.

The EZ Glide LBS chair is easy to manoeuvre down stairs, in tight spaces and over a variety of surfaces thanks to its 25mm ground to track clearance, front swivel wheels and large rear wheels.

The unique adjustable breaking system, rear folding handles and pull out lower grab handles provide further ease of handling, helping to ensure complete operator control.

For added patient security this chair comes complete with an extended foot plate, upper and lower body restraints and foot straps. This model also features an IV Pole and winch attachment point as standard.

There are many additional extras available separately such as a seat cushion, cushioned headrest/shoulder support and O2 cylinder holder. Contact us for more details.

Please note, due to the enhanced reinforced frame on this chair, it can not be folded for storage.