Bariatric Spinal Long Board

Spinal long board for large individuals.

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The Bariatric Spinal Long Board has been specially designed for use with bariatric/large individuals.

This one piece board has a high density polythene plastic outer construction, which is impenetrable to all bodily fluids and easy to sanitize, a polyurethane foam inner filling and carries a 454kg load capacity.

The Bariatric Spinal Long Board is light weight, 100% x-ray translucent, buoyant and offers complete patient immobilisation, when used with patient restraints and a head immobiliser, making it suitable for use in many situations.

The Bariatric Spinal Long Board is ideal for use with the EMS Bariatric EvacMat to create greater stability of the mat during emergency evacuation and rescue situations - see EMS Bariatic EvacMat.

Available with 10 or 18 pins and in four colours - orange standard (red, green and yellow to order).

Separate accessories available include a combi head immobiliser and speed clip straps in standard and Biosafe material.