Coronavirus update

Following the recent covid-19 announcement regarding the closure of non-essential businesses, we would like to reassure our customers that as suppliers of essential emergency equipment to the healthcare sector, we are still open for business.

While our aim is to continue to provide an uninterrupted service, we will continue to monitor the ever changing situation while taking all necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of both our staff and customers.

Buscot BabEvac Evacuation Cot

Carry cot for the safe emergency evacuation of newborn and premature babies.

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The Buscot BabEvac cot is designed for the emergency evacuation of premature and newborn babies from special care units in the event of fire or other emergency. Ideal for use in premises where stairs are to be negotiated. 

Portable and lightweight, the Buscot can carry up to two babies per cot depending on size and conditions. The flexibility and strength of the Buscot allows for easy handling by staff with adequate support and protection for the babies. 

Shoulder straps, enable carers to be ‘hands free’ to administer needed care to the infant while evacuating. Each Buscot includes secure storage for an  oxygen cylinder (size CD)  on the underside of the cot, to allow for manual ventilation of the baby if required (oxygen cylinder not included).