Evacu-Trac CD7 Evacuation Chair

Compact evacuation track chair featuring a patented brake system and speed governor.

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The CD7 Evacu-Trac is a compact and easy to use evacuation chair which provides persons with limited mobility a means of escape, in an emergency.

The unique seat design and open sides of the CD7 Evacu-Trac allows for easy transfer from wheelchair to the CD7 without assistance. Once on the chair, adjustable chest, waist and leg safety straps ensure patient and security.

The hammock style vinyl seat help to provide support to the users back and legs, while a foot plate further ensures user comfort.

The CD7 features a patented speed governor and breaking system, which allows for larger passengers to be easily and safely moved to safety by a small attendant. Its failsafe brake allows the chair to come to a complete self-supported stop – even on the stairs, adding to operator confidence while using the chair.

Its wide, durable rubber tracks will securely grip any stair tread, regardless of material and large auxiliary wheels allow it to travel and manoeuvre smoothly across flat surfaces.

The chair folds compactly for storage and in one easy step is ready for immediate use.