EZ Glide Powertraxx Evacuation Chair

Motorised battery operated evacuation track chair.

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The EZ Glide Power Traxx motorised evacuation chair, enables an individual of up to 227kg to be transported up and down stairs with little effort. At the touch of a button it can be turned around, slowed down and bought to a halt.

The EZ Glide Power Traxx electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission track system, take the weight of the chair and occupant, so any risk of manual handling injuries to the operator are minimised.

One inch track-to-ground clearance allows the chair to move smoothly over carpet and rough surfaces and the 4” front swivel wheels and extra tall 6” rear wheels, do not collect debris and provide manoeuvrability in confined spaces such as on stair landings.

A positive locking hinge mechanism ensures the chair is locked in place, whether deployed for use or folded for storage, while the electronic braking system locks the tracks during stops on the ascents or descents.

The EZ Glide Power Traxx also features an all metal frame construction - providing durability and long life, a wide seating area and patient restraints - for patient comfort and security, an easy to remove, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, rear folding handles and pull out lower grab handles.

Many configurations and accessories are available with the EZ Glide Power Traxx such as IV Poles, cushioned headrest, extended foot plate, Biosafe Restraints and 4-point harness Kit. Contact us for more details.