Fire Safety in Hotels DVD

Fire safety training for hotel staff and management.

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An ideal video for fire safety induction and refresher training for both both management and staff who need to have a good understanding of the actions they should take in the event of fire. It highlights typical fire hazards found in such premises and the measures required to reduce fire risk.

Arranged in four short modules the DVD covers:

  • Introduction: Typical procedures that should be in place and actions staff should take in the event of fire.
  • Fire prevention: The role of staff in identifying and reducing fire risk as part of their normal day-to-day activities, and typical fire hazards in hotels.
  • Fire extinguishers: The selection and use of typical fire extinguishers and the use of fire blankets.
  • Evacuation: How to ensure a safe evacuation and the roles and responsibilities of different staff when the alarm is raised.