Flex Stretcher

Lightweight, three part adjustable stretcher, which can be used in multiple positions from supine to sitting and even recovery.

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FlexStretcher is a lightweight, three part adjustable stretcher, which can be used in multiple positions depending on the users care needs. This enables front line emergency service providers to deal with a range of situations from routine transfers of patients and emergency response through to diagnosis and treatment.

Featuring a Seamless Transition® functionality, the position of the stretcher can be altered effortlessly between supine, sitting and even recovery position. Specially designed patient securing and carry straps are quick to fit with a simple push and click into place and are easily released by simply pulling down on a small tab on the underside of the strap clip.

Constructed entirely from easy clean polyethylene material with no metal parts, the FlexStretcher is X-ray translucent, defibrillator friendly and compatible with existing ambulance stretcher trolleys.

Furthermore, a soft wrist and ankle restraint system means that this stretcher is the ideal solution for those dealing with challenging behaviour within mental health units, custody or prisons.

Each Flexstretcher comes complete with six multi-positional carry handles, three patient securing straps, soft wrist and ankle restraint system, carry case and user guide.