MCI Training Manikins

Fully inflatable mass casualty incident (MCI) training manikins.

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The Inflatable MCI Training Manikin is designed for use during mass casualty incident training and drills. This enables frontline medical staff to practice and be assessed on the allocation of casualty care and medical resources during overwhelming emergency situations.

These manikins are quick and simple to set up and help eliminate the risks and liabilities associated with using live volunteers during physical mass casualty exercises.

Special features include; a clear chest pocket for the use of pre-scripted casualty scenarios, sandbagged feet help keep the manikins in place and grommets at the feet and shoulders to allow tie-down in windy conditions.

Constructed from durable plastic material, the MCI Manikins are fully re-usable and resistant to punctures. Including both Boston and manual inflation valves, the manikins can be quickly inflated and deflated using an air pump (not supplied) or manually.

Suitable for use in adverse weather conditions and for decontamination training/drills.

Available in MCI Man (adult) and MCI PED (paediatric) sizes.