OneLeg Stool

One legged rocking stool which helps to promote active sitting.

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The OneLeg Stool is an ergonomically designed rocking stool which helps to promote active sitting, especially when working at low heights. Originally designed for gardening and other outdoor tasks such as cleaning the car and other general maintenance jobs — it has since been used in places such as schools, nurseries and paediatric hospitals by teachers, pupils, nursing staff and young individuals.

The unique base allows the user to rock and turn around and the stool will follow the movement, whilst offering stability and therefore giving the user a wide radius to work within.

When using the OneLeg the muscles in the abdomen are constantly used, which helps to improve the dynamic stability and co-ordination of the back. It allows a flexible and dynamic posture and this variation of back positions is extremely beneficial to the user.

Oneleg is suitable for anyone from children of approximately 4 years of age to adults.

It is made from polyethylene and available in a wide range of very attractive colours. Supplied with silicon seat and base covers which give “non-slip” options which enables you to use the product on various different types of surface.

New stools for 2019 - the OneLeg X65 (65cm high) and RED 32 & 40cm stools. See colour chart for available colour options.