Padded rescue mat to aid the evacuation of people with mobility problems in an emergency.

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The ResQMat enables the safe, rapid and safely evacuation of people with mobility problems in an emergency. Suitable for use in a wide range of settings including hospitals, care homes, schools, universities and other public and private buildings. The ResQmat is a popular choice as an alternative to chairs, due to its simple design and usability.  

The adjustable length of the ResQmat means it is suitable for users of varying heights.  The built in padding and extra pillow under the head mean that the ResQmat is safe and comfortable for people when going down stairs.

With three wide Velcro straps individuals being moved are completely enclosed, meaning they are contained once in a safe location, which is especially important when working with people with dementia who may wander.

The ResQmat features long operator handles at both ends and a polypropylene base, which enables it to be easily moved and manoeuvred in a controllable manner which is less strenuous for the carers.

It is advised that all persons responsible for using this equipment receives the correct training to do so. 

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