Saver Evacuation Chair

The lightweight solution to emergency evacuation from multi-storey buildings.

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The SAVER SAFE Chair is a lightweight solution for any emergency evacuation situation. Ideal for use in in multi-storey buildings such as Shopping Centres, Sport Arenas, Offices or anywhere where peoples safety is the responsibility of others.

Readily accessible, this chair can be used by a single operator without the need for heavy lifting or manhandling.

Two large front wheels and two rear swivel wheels help improve manoeuvrability on landings and along corridors, while the track system enables the chair to glide smoothly down the stairs.

Other features include, adjustable operator handle, removable and adjustable head pad, user safety straps and a removable seat cover for easy cleaning.

The saver chair folds away to a compact size and comes with a wall bracket, cover and a sign allowing it to be easily identified and stored at refuge points when not in use.