SCBU Evacuation Basket Rack System

Baby basket rack system, eliminates the need to have infant beds at an alternative care site, following an evacuation.

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The Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Basket Rack is a portable, light weight, system designed for use at alternative care sites or places of refuge following an emergency evacuation, to eliminate the immediate need for infant beds.

The Basket Rack fold compactly to fit inside a slim line carry bag and when needed can be deployed in less than one minute. A single rack can hold up to six Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets, using a simple slide and lock system to hold them securely in place and will accommodate four IV poles.

Each basket rack system consists of six Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets with O2 carry packs, one aluminium rack with carry bag, four IV poles and a wall mountable, canvas storage case.

The Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets with O2 carry packs or harness, Evacuation Basket Rack, Storage case and additional IV poles are available for purchase separately.