Ski Pad

The original padded evacuation mat, for the quick and safe movement of mobility impaired individuals in an emergency evacuation.

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The Ski Pad was one of the original evacuation mattresses for the quick and safe evacuation of non-ambulant individuals in emergencies. 

Designed for use in areas where space is limited, such as congested hospital wards and buildings with narrow corridors or single width fire doors. Ideal for use with patients who need to be moved in a supine position or are unable to sit in a stair evacuation chair.

In the event of an emergency the Ski Pad is easily removed from it’s storage bag. The individual is quickly transferred to the Ski Pad and secured in place using the highly visible seat belt style straps. While being moved the individual is protected by a 5cm thick foam pad.

The tough, slippery, vinyl coated base means that the pad moves easily over indoor and outdoor surfaces so the individual can be safely and quickly evacuated. The ski pad can be manufactured individually for the varying requirements of our customers. For example, a Mini Ski Pad is produced for children and a Double Thickness Ski Pad is made for individuals with brittle bones. 

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It is advised that all persons responsible for using this equipment receives the correct training to do so. 

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