Ski Sheet

The original on the bed evacuation sheet, designed to securely cocoon patients within their mattress for swift movement in emergency situations.

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The Ski Sheet was the original evacuation device specifically designed for use in hospitals and other care facilities. The Ski Sheet enables care staff to  quickly and safely move non-ambulant individuals to a place of safety in an emergency, while securely cocooned within their mattress. 

The sheet is easily fitted to the underside of the users mattress using the four elastic corner straps and there it remains in place at all times, allowing it to be instantly accessible. The straps of the Ski Sheet are stored in discreet pockets on the underside of the sheet. 

In an emergency the straps are simply removed from their storage pockets and secured over the individual. The user can then be slid off the bed using the head/foot end handles and taken to safety.

The Ski Sheet features seat belt style metal buckles for the ultimate patient safety and security when moving down staircases. Made from strong nylon, for a low friction resistance, the Ski Sheet is easy to keep clean - Please refer to the Ski Sheet leaflet for laundry instructions. 

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It is advised that all persons responsible for using this equipment receives the correct training to do so. 

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