Ski Sled

Padded evacuation mat with enhanced features.

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The Ski Sled has been designed for use in confined areas, where space is limited, such as congested hospital wards and buildings with narrow corridors or single width fire doors. 

Similar in design to the Ski Pad, the Ski Sled has enhanced features with further consideration to operator usability and patient comfort. These features include a large pleated foot pocket, two hand control handles on each side for easy repositioning of the pad and extra webbing on the pulling straps to enable a shorter hold.

The tough, slippery base (which is different to that of the Ski Pad) enables individuals to be moved easily over virtually any surface, indoors or outdoors. The foam pad and the internal nylon support struts give protection to the individual while being moved.

Under Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations, all persons responsible for using this equipment must receive the correct training. To meet this requirement staff should be trained only by a competent person, who has undergone an approved “train-the-trainer” course.

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