Ski Slide Pad

Evacuation mat featuring built in slide sheets for ease of transfer.

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The Ski-Slide-Pad has evolved from one of our best known products, the Ski Pad. The main feature of the Ski-Slide-Pad is the built in slide sheet, which is fitted on both sides of the pad for ease of transfer from bed/floor onto the pad. 

The use of the built-in slide sheets is especially useful for individuals who require a greater level of assistance during the transfer process and helps to protect carers from manual handling injuries. The slide sheets can also be used as an extra cover, where exterior evacuation is required.

In the event of an emergency, the Ski-Slide-Pad is easily removed from its storage bag. The individual is quickly transferred on to the Ski-Slide-Pad, using the slide sheet and then secured onto the device with the seatbelt style straps.

The Ski-Slide-Pad’s polyethylene base allows the pad to be pulled easily over most surfaces and is easy to control when going down a staircase.

It is advised that all persons responsible for using this equipment receives the correct training to do so. 

For information on our certified training courses, see or contact us directly.