Stairline Apex Plus 160

Compact, powerful, motorised stair-climber for use with manual wheelchairs.

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The Stairline Apex™ Plus 160 is a portable, motorised stair-climber designed for use with a manual wheelchair to enable non-ambulant individuals to be safely transported up and down staircases by a single operator. Ideal for use in multilevel buildings in emergency evacuations or elevator malfunction situations.

This upgraded version of the Stairline Apex™ 130 portable stair-climber, has all the key benefits and functionality of the original 130 with a more refined appearance and higher weight capacity.

The Stairline Apex™ Plus 160 features an adjustable wheelchair clamp system which easily attaches to almost any manual wheelchair, including sports chairs and children’s chairs. A powerful, battery operated, motorised track system climbs the stair with no strength required by the operator.

Specially designed rubber stair tracks securely grip stairs and offer stability, while auxiliary wheels allow the operator to easily move the stair climber around stair landings and across flat surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Other features include an operator safety key, user friendly drive controls, charge level indicator, passenger safety belt, adjustable head rest and folding mechanism for easy storage.

Each Stairline Apex™ Plus 160 comes complete with a removable, rechargeable battery, charger, stair angle gauge and a user handbook.