Redbacks Strapped Knee Pads

Cushioning and protective, strap-on, Knee Pads for individuals who kneel for long periods of time.

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Redbacks® Strapped Knee Pads are unique, ergonomically designed, strap-on, knee pads that give protection to the user and disperse body weight evenly, bringing unrivalled relief from the pain and discomfort associated with kneeling for extended periods of time.

Using patented, award winning ‘Leaf-Spring’ Cushioning Technology, Redbacks® Knee Pads support the knee area by way of suspension rather than compression, giving the user superior protection when compared to other products on the market such as standard foam and gel Knee Pads.

The combination of a special moulded ‘Leaf-Spring’ arch, suspended in flexible honeycomb matrix, is scientifically proven to both absorb and evenly spread the weight and downward force of the kneeling user, eliminating pressure points and helping to reduce postural stressing to the knee, back and ankle joints.

RedBacks® Strapped Knee Pads can be worn on bare skin or over work trousers and feature articulated straps with dust-resistant fastenings, a penetration resistant, waterproof cover and a soft, breathable inner fabric which wicks away sweat.

Each knee pad weighs only 0.41kg and has been successfully tested to support 450kg or 70st of weight without flattening out and becoming uncomfortable to the user. The rubberised construction of this knee pad enables 100% shape recovery when not in use, for long term use and continuous support.

Redbacks® also give protection from hot and cold surfaces, are waterproof and fully washable - at a recommended temperature of 30°c.

A pocketed version of this Knee Pad is also available, contact us for more information.