TagEvac Evacuation System

Revolutionary system to help manage evacuations from buildings in an emergency situation.

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TagEvac is a fast, reliable, easy to use system designed to help manage evacuations from buildings in an emergency situation. Using colour coded zone tags and a matching central tag control board, TagEvac gives staff and Fire & Rescue Services clear information about the evacuation process of a building in real-time.

To use TagEvac, each building must first be split into controllable evacuation zones. A tag station, containing a removable metal tag, is then placed in a fixed location within that zone. Each zone is colour coded and has a unique reference to help remove any confusion during the evacuation process. The tag control board also contains this zone information.

In an emergency evacuation, fire wardens will check their designated zones using the sweep evacuation method, ensuring no persons are within the zone. Once confident the zone is clear, the fire warden will then remove the TAG from the zone’s ‘TAG Station’ and take it to the incident control point. The Tag is then placed on the central tag control board to indicate that the zone has been checked. If no tag has been taken to the control board for a particular zone, clear messaging indicates the zone is ‘not checked’.

The system is easy to set up, simple to use and easy to train staff on. Once set up, it’s easy to alter to meet organisations changing needs.

For those working in large multi-level sites or across multiple locations, we can work with you to develop a custom built TagEvac system to fit with your specific evacuation management process.

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See how Lloyds of London evacuate their building using the TagEvac system (video below)