Techsit C-Tech PU Anti-Static Chair

PU Swivel Work chair for use in areas sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

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The Techsit C-Tech PU ESD work chair range, have been specially designed to help protect delicate equipment in areas sensitive to electrostatic discharge, by dissipating static charge through the chair and down to the ground.

Constructed from highly durable, easy clean PU (poly-urethane), which conforms to BS EN 61340-5-1 for conductivity, and featuring ESD castors/glides, these chairs prevent the build-up of static electricity by dissipating it directly to earth, protecting both staff and equipment.

The combination of the height adjustable, ergonomically shaped seat and back rests and independent seat tilt mechanism, offer ultimate support and comfort to the user, while enabling dynamic seating.

Fully washable materials and enclosed parts make this chair an ideal choice for use in laboratories, factories and industrial environments.

Available as either a high chair with a foot ring support and ESD glides, or as a low chair with ESD castors. Both chairs feature a 150kg payload capacity.

Additional options available include, fixed D shaped arms or adjustable arms (adjustable for height, width and depth) synchro seat and either brake loaded or soft tyre  castors.