Techsit Saddle Seat Stool

Ergonomically shaped saddle stool, to help correct poor posture and alleviate back pain.

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The Techsit Saddle Seat stool is designed to encourage an upright sitting posture to help prevent and alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain and other discomfort associated with poor posture and musculoskeletal health disorders.

Featuring an independent seat tilt and gas lift height adjustment to enable changes to the sitting position and encourage dynamic sitting. Ideal for use by health care professionals, laboratory technicians, production workers and office staff in a range of settings.

The Techsit Saddle Seat Stool is available in ESD fabric material or in easy clean ESD and standard vinyl options. ESD stool options come with ESD castors as standard.

ESD fabric and standard vinyl options are available in a range of colours – see charts. ESD Vinyl option available in black only.