Treadsure Antislip Floor Treatment

The invisible, odourless floor treatment formulated to increase the traction/grip on solid surfaces.

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TREADSURE™ is an invisible, odourless, water-based floor treatment formulated to decrease slips and falls by increasing the traction/grip on solid surfaces.

Ideal for use in high traffic areas and places susceptible to wet/damp conditions. TREADSURE™ can even be used to treat the soles of footwear to improve grip.

Utilising unique Nano-Technology, TREADSURE™ provides an invisible coating to the treated surface that has millions of small peaks. These peaks increase the traction/grip of the surface and reduce slip, without changing the physical properties of the treated surface in any way.

TREADSURE™ has been proven capable of providing a 180% increase in grip on wet surfaces and 156% increase on dry surfaces, under independent testing.

  • Helps to reduce slip and fall incidents and injury claims
  • Eliminates ‘trip hazards’ associated with other anti-slip solutions
  • Can be used in most areas where there is a slip hazard including in Kitchens, Showers and Bathrooms, Recreation Centres, Spas, Gyms, Pool Areas, Outside Areas including Decking Areas. 
  • Can be applied to the soles of all types of footwear to increase traction.
  • Can be applied in high traffic areas with minimal inconvenience
  • Can be applied easily by most people
  • Does not change or damage the physical properties of the treated surface
  • Does not give of powerful scents
  •  Does not change the appearance of the treated surface.
  • Affordable, environmentally sustainable and durable
  • Effective on both wet and dry surfaces