Hospital Aids is one company who understands that sometimes the smallest of gestures can make a big impact in a person’s life. Our recent encounter with Mondley Mathew Oommen and his family is one such story that teaches us exactly that…..

In January 2014, Mondleys Daughter sustained serious injuries after falling from 5 storey building in Kuwait.

Nincy, then 19 years old, suffered multiple injuries in the incident including kidney damage – which resulted in the removal of her right kidney, and severe injury to her thoracic spine. Unfortunately for Nincy, a small fragment of bone penetrated her spinal cord and she was declared paraplegic by medical teams.

Nincy spent over a 16 month in hospital undergoing multiple operations and intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation, before finally being able to move back to her family home, last June, where she is continuing with out-patient treatment.

Nincy’s recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. Since starting her rehabilitation program, she has been able to gain back a small degree of independence and is able to self-transfer to and from her wheel chair and is even managing to take a few steps using callipers and a walking frame.

In January, Mondley had spent some time searching the internet trying to find suitable aids to help his daughter in her everyday life, when he came across Hospital Aids range of moving and handling aids and decided to make contact with us.

After realising that Mondley would be attending the Arab Health conference and exhibition that we were due to exhibit at, we arranged to meet at the event and take one of our Banana transfer boards for him to look at.

After hearing Nincy’s story we decided to gift the family the Banana Board in the hope that it would make a difference to Nincy….. and it certainly has.

Nincy recently wrote to us saying;

“I wish to thank you for providing me with the very attractive banana transfer board. It was extremely kind of you to offer us your kind helping hand.

I was, until now, using a wooden board to transfer myself from the wheelchair to the car and vice versa, it was very cumbersome to handle and I felt unsafe. But now with the Banana board it has become much easier and safer for me.

On behalf of my family and everyone who helps me, I thank you from the core of my heart.”

Since meeting Mondley and providing him with a Banana Board for Nincy we have become good friends. We have received many updates on Nincy’s recovery, including a heart-warming video of her moving her legs unaided and another of Nincy transferring from her wheel chair to a car using her new board.

We wish Nincy all the best with her ongoing recovery and rehabilitation and send the whole family our thoughts and love.


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