In 2013, Hospital Aids continued to develop and expand it’s product range both by way of new products manufactured “in house” and through closer ties with existing and new Suppliers.Continual expansion into new international markets around the world and the growth of interest in bariatric products helped to fuel the success of the Company.

Another important factor in this success story is the ability for our moving and handling team to provide “on site” product demonstrations for most products across the whole of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland where we have a Distributor). We know that many of our competitors merely sell from their websites and they are not prepared to travel.

Our website was “refreshed” once again in February 2014 with some more new products and from April 2014 for the first time there will be monthly updates to our website.

At the time of writing, we are also working towards ISO 9001 — which we hope to complete in March/April 2014, in line with our commitment towards maintaining top quality systems and services for the benefit of our suppliers and customers.

Our philosophy is one of constant product evolution and there are many new products which will be added to the website in 2014. We continue to have other products in development and we are hopeful that there will be further new product launches during the coming year and into 2015.

Finally, with a leaning towards innovation, we would like to remind our professional connections that we are always interested in hearing about new ideas from them about better ways to provide evacuation or moving and handling solutions for carers. If anyone would like to discuss their thoughts, we are always happy to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect their intellectual property rights and to see whether there would be scope to commercialise their idea.


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