Coming soon to the Hospital Aids Website….. the Stairline Stair-climber Range.

Introducing the Maxi-Major™ 200, Apex™Plus 160 and Compact 150 wheel chair stair-climber aids.

The Stairline Stair-climber range enable wheelchair users to safely move up and downstairs of multilevel buildings, in emergency evacuations or elevator malfunction situations – while still securely within their wheelchair.

Designed to be operated by a single assistant or carer, the wheelchair user is simply loaded on to or chair attached to the climber, securely fastened in place and then moved up and down stairs using a simple operator control panel.

The Stairline range of stair-climbers feature heavy duty, battery operated, motorised, caterpillar tracks that securely grip and move over the stairs – no strength is required by the carer as the track systems does all the work!

As these stair-climbers do not attach to the staircase, they can be transported and used wherever needed. Auxiliary wheels allow the operator to easily move the units around stair landings (room permitting) and across flat surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

For more information email our team at and keep your eye on our website for the official arrival.


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